An Ice Box for a Heart

I’d like to pluck the glowing orange sun

From the sky and place it in your chest,

‘Cause maybe then it’d

Warm your heart up enough

To change your mind,

And claim back lost time.

The sun’s rays beat down on me,
Kinda like the words you threw harshly,
And I can hardly stand here knowing
That somewhere across town, you exist
Without me.

Who are you these days, where are you going,
What do you see?
Are you blinded by the memories?

I wake up thinking of you, and my fiery
Confusion exudes…
Tracing over all the dreams of you…

I wonder if the sky reminds you of the days
We spent scorched by the lake
Playing by the light of the sun,
Talking about where we’d be when we’re 31.

When did you lease your soul to the North Pole?
Was there a promise that you’d get through it all?
Did you look up to the sun and know your heart
Would no longer feel the warmth?
Or were you content with the idea that you’d
Be able to go on and easily forget?

My heart’s begging me to let you go,

Or, rather I think it’s a mixture of broken pieces,

And shredded thoughts that remind me of the bitter cold…

The truth that I cannot let go;

The truth I painfully regret;

The truth that overthrows my nervous system,

Taking care to spread the wintry spell throughout,

Creating massive, icy chills over the surface of my arms,

Then landing in my soul like an invisible assassin,

Ready to murder the memory of you,

Ready to introduce me to a life anew;

Life without you.

You’ve made your choice, and now it is time;

Time to seal the pain,

Time to erase your face,

Time for bright, new days,

And, time to overlook your ways…

It’s time to ignore you,

And time to face the truth,

Time to forget everything concerning you—

And, as painful as it is to admit,

The thought of you fleeing my soul is appealing,

And I never thought that I would say this, but,

You can’t make a heart stop beating,

And you can’t make one start again…

This is no longer in my hands—


Farewell to you now,

(It’s been a long time coming)

Tell your heart to let her guard down,

Cause this time I’m not running,

I’m standing strong

And, I know it’s what I had to do,

So that I,

I can,

Let go of,



About shaelynncrawford

I am twenty-three years old, and currently pursuing my BA in English from WTAMU. I have been a natural writer since I first learned to put pen to paper, starting with Haikus and love songs. I write for myself. However, upon making the decision to step out and share my voice with the world, I now write for others, too. I am using this blog so that I may develop a more profound public voice, and also so I may interact with like-minds. I am currently developing a novel that I would like to publish in the near future, and so I am sure some of my ramblings will be linked with the subject matter in my novel. I truly hope that you enjoy my work and that I inspire you to let go and speak your mind. As I said, this is a new process, and so I ask you to have patience with my vulnerability. I'm sure this process will work well for me, and I cannot wait to share my voice with you. Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you stay awhile!
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8 Responses to An Ice Box for a Heart

  1. Sue Green Smith says:

    Shae, you are one talented young lady. I have known this since you were two years old. You make this Grandma proud! Keep up the good work!

  2. carolynds says:

    I think everyone that has experienced a broken relationship identifies with the emotions expressed in this post. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words. I look forward to reading more.

    • Carolyn, I’m so pleased that you were able to take a gander at my blog. I will be posting frequently, so I hope that I continue to entertain you!
      Also, I know this poem may come off quite harsh, but it is an absolute display of my affections and laments toward the ruin and loss of the relationship with this person. I think that no matter if someone has lost a good friend, family member, or significant other, this poem is relatable.

  3. ? says:

    You are a great writer keep up the good work and you will go far

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