Creative Subconscious

There are days whenever my mind won’t let me rest because I cannot stop thinking about a story, or a combination of stories that beg me to write them down. It’s quite the phenomenon because this yearning to sit down and write awhile spreads to the tips of my fingers, creating a tense, spring-like sensation, telling me they are ready for the keyboard. It’s funny, too, how my body creates an aura unlike any other whenever one of my inspirations takes flight, almost like the story has already been written in my subconscious; it’s like my body knows that once I give in, the story will not stop because it is flowing from a plentiful source that is unending in both story sense, and creative intervention. The anxiety I experience during one of these spells is quite unrelenting; it does not cease until I give into the matter jumping around anxiously between the ventricles in my heart, then making their way to my brain, fingers, toes… It’s quite sensational, so that is why I am sharing the moment. I read recently that few writers are able to “tap into” their subconscious on a level that is truly instinctive and harshly true, without any sort of pause to make up for the words flowing out of this ghost—if you will. It’s funny because my best poems come from this state of mind, and I am shocked after writing them down that it took nearly only a few minutes to write down a full-page of well-thought-out poetry. I’m intrigued by the idea that I can tap into this subconscious whenever I please, however, I know it doesn’t “work” this way; I guess I just have to pray for more of these moments so that creative juices can replenish my soul and need to release the words trapped inside of me.

Do you have what I like to call “creative subconscious” moments like mine? Please share if you do. I find these moments to be particularly fascinating.


About shaelynncrawford

I am twenty-three years old, and currently pursuing my BA in English from WTAMU. I have been a natural writer since I first learned to put pen to paper, starting with Haikus and love songs. I write for myself. However, upon making the decision to step out and share my voice with the world, I now write for others, too. I am using this blog so that I may develop a more profound public voice, and also so I may interact with like-minds. I am currently developing a novel that I would like to publish in the near future, and so I am sure some of my ramblings will be linked with the subject matter in my novel. I truly hope that you enjoy my work and that I inspire you to let go and speak your mind. As I said, this is a new process, and so I ask you to have patience with my vulnerability. I'm sure this process will work well for me, and I cannot wait to share my voice with you. Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you stay awhile!
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