Unwanted Guest

Uncertainty settles in again–

An unwanted guest.

Dizziness crowds into the corners of my eyes,

My heart beats irregularly–




With the bolts of Anxiety.

A cold chill spreads dangerously throughout

the very cells of My Body.

Tears fall, then crash again, Stall, then start again.

My eyelids droop with heaviness, begging–

Begging me to sleep this off;

Bargaining with me the fate of it all–

Wishing they could only

Sleep     this         off.


About shaelynncrawford

I am twenty-three years old, and currently pursuing my BA in English from WTAMU. I have been a natural writer since I first learned to put pen to paper, starting with Haikus and love songs. I write for myself. However, upon making the decision to step out and share my voice with the world, I now write for others, too. I am using this blog so that I may develop a more profound public voice, and also so I may interact with like-minds. I am currently developing a novel that I would like to publish in the near future, and so I am sure some of my ramblings will be linked with the subject matter in my novel. I truly hope that you enjoy my work and that I inspire you to let go and speak your mind. As I said, this is a new process, and so I ask you to have patience with my vulnerability. I'm sure this process will work well for me, and I cannot wait to share my voice with you. Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you stay awhile!
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One Response to Unwanted Guest

  1. ? says:

    Your post just keep getting better
    This one is very very good

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