Interesting Facts About Me

I’m sure that you have read around a million ‘about me’ blogs, but I’m not so sure that you will ever read one like mine, and that’s because I’m not a mainstream blogger, or maybe I am, but don’t judge me.

I am a pretty laid-back person. I enjoy the life I live (most of the time, that is) and I am pleasantly surprised by my latest decision to start a blog. As mentioned in my profile, I generally only write for myself, but after the nudging from many close friends, and a downright ultimatum from my Mother, I have started a blog so that I may share my voice with the world. I guess I feel that now is the right time to open up and let my guard down a little bit. Afterall, I am in pursuit of finishing my first novel, and a blog is a great way to express myself to the public. Even greater is that I now have a place to post poems and rants amongst a community of fellow writers and overly emotional people who will probably appreciate my sometimes harsh, brutal tone.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had enough of my explanation as to why I am here. I’ll throw out some random facts so that you may be better acquainted with the person behind the madness…

I am friendly, and sometimes too nice. My favorite snow cone flavor is strawberry peach with cream. My favorite season? I love Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall. I grew up in Farmington, NM, and I currently live in Amarillo, Texas. I am the oldest child of seven, actually eight, I’ll explain later. I enjoy planting things, and I hope that my thumb turns into a perfect shade of green as I grow older and wiser. My favorite colors? Purple, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Green, Black. Can you tell that I’m a bit indecisive? I have wicked dreams that are too real sometimes. I do not tolerate racism. I am currently reading several books, (depending on my mood, I pick up the corresponding book) Wuthering Heights, Tuesdays With Morrie, Jane Eyre, and The Art of Racing in the Rain. Favorite book of all time? Too many to list… I’ll save that for later. I seriously enjoy sleeping, yet never seem to be able to fall asleep at night. I am typically clumsy. I enjoy a silly belly laugh. I believe that we never really grow up… we just learn how to better pretend that we are adults; we never lose our inner-child essence. I am single and I have no children, although one day hopefully this will change. My view on life? Live to the fullest each and every day… Carpe Diem. My religion? Non-Denominational Christian. Tolerance? I love all people, no matter if you are black, white, green, or clear colored, and I don’t care what your sexual preference is. I live my life how I want to, and I’m not going to tell you how to live yours. Politics? I cling to the idea that we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. Essence of life? Pure Happiness. Pet Peeve? Relentless smacking of the mouth while chewing…ugh! Hobbies? Painting, Reading, Writing, “Facebooking,” Creating, Listening to many different types of music, etc. Number of songs in my iTunes library? About 1500 and counting. Guilty pleasure? Starbucks Coffee. Long-term Goal? To become an English Professor with several published novels and poems. Greatest Fear? To be alone. How I want to die? Peacefully and preferably in my bed, surrounded by those I love (Note: Eva’s death in Uncle Tom’s Cabin). Pets? Two dogs, Bella and Miley, and a slew of unnamed stray cats in the backyard who like to steal Miley’s food (Miley lives outside most of the time because she is a “big dog,” while Bella stays inside because she is small and exceptionally spoiled. You will learn more about these two characters later to be certain).

Questions, comments, or disagreements shall be entered into the comment box, please and thank you!

I’m looking forward to entertaining you with my prose.

To the future, lovingly,

~Miss Shae Lynn Crawford

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